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Gordon F. Crowther Charity Award

The Edmonton Pond is honoured to have been selected as the 2018-2019 recipient of the Gordon F. Crowther Charity Award. 

MLG Jorge Gonzalez & PMLG Andrew Happer

This is arguably the highest award offered by Grand Nest, and the purpose of which is to identify the community impact a Pond has made through their charitable contributions in a single calendar year. 

The Gordon F. Crowther Charity Award is given to a Pond for outstanding charity work completed, and is chosen by the previous award recipient. It is not based solely on the overall monies raised; also considered are the number of items donated, and hours spent volunteering. Furthermore, the selection committee will discuss how the Pond displayed their spirit through compassion and kindness. The previous year's recipient is not eligible for selection. 

Who Is Gordon F. Crowther?

The late Mr. Crowther was a member of the insurance industry in Hartford, CT, until he passed in November of 1999. He worked for 44 years at Factory Insurance Association (later called Industrial Risk Insurers). He was a 50 year member of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International, and presided as Most Loyal Gander Grand Nest (MLGG) in 1976. He was serving as our Grand Historian at the time of his passing. 

Mr. Crowther graduated from WPI with a Degree in Civil Engineering. As an alumni, he became a member of the President's Advisory Committee, a Tech Old Timer's member, and participated on the Alumni Executive Committee.

He was also an active member of the Red Cross, part of the Freemason's chapter in his hometown, and was very involved with his church.  

Mr. Crowther's passion for giving back is commemorated through this award. His legacy lives on through the award recipients, and the wonderful work they do to contribute to their local communities in a positive way.



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