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Executive Committee


Cori Bohme

Most Loyal Gander

Cori.Bohme AT

IMG_0251 (2)_edited.jpg

Jim Craig

Supervisor of the Flock

joelrenovations AT


Jess Pylypow

Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg

jpylypow AT

Robin Head Shot_edited_edited.jpg

Robin Chuchmuch

Custodian of the Goslings

robin.chuchmuch AT

Marshall Head Shot_edited_edited.jpg

Marshall Finnemore

Guardian of the Pond I 

marshall.finnemore AT


Nikita Reynolds

Guardian of the Pond II

nikita AT


Andrew Happer

Permanent Wielder of the Goose Quill

edmontonpond AT


Jorge R. Gonzalez

Past Most Loyal Gander 

jorge AT

General Inquiries

Thanks! Message sent.


Check out some of our sister Pond webpages in the Canadian Region, or view our parent website for a full list of Ponds located in Canada and the USA.

Alberta Pond (based out of Calgary)

BC Pond (based out of Vancouver)

Manitoba Pond (based out of Winnipeg)

Saskatchewan Pond (based out of Saskatoon)

Regina Pond (based out of Regina)

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